2023 GDI Sales Awards Gala

This past April, Groupe Dynamite opened the doors of its Head Office to host the highly anticipated 2023 edition of the GDI Awards Gala. 

Themed 'Fly High with GDI’, the glamorous event stands as a beacon of recognition, celebrating the outstanding achievements of our top talent and those who exemplarily personify the core values of Groupe Dynamite.

Throughout their time in Montréal, our 47 Sales Awards winners indulged in a plethora of activities to commemorate their achievements. 

From an impeccable stay at the Four Seasons Hotel, to a luxurious pampering session at the Bota Bota spa and a glamorous personalized photoshoot, Groupe Dynamite spared no effort in making each winner feel like a superstar. Additional activities included an evening of city exploration, a delightful brunch, and a special welcome during the quarterly corporate gathering.

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