Breaking news! Garage launches its biggest campaign yet: Assets Unleashed!

We are excited to announce that this week, Garage launched its highly anticipated Back-to-School Denim campaign! Assets Unleashed is set to be the biggest in Garage Clothing's history, aiming to empower our customers to express their true selves and embrace their unique style through unique denim pieces.


To amplify the reach of this iconic campaign, Garage is excited to partner with content creator, Alyssa McKay, to be the "Style Reporter" throughout the campaign.

With an impressive following of over 14 million on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, Alyssa's love for Garage makes her the perfect fit to be our Ambassador and showcase the collection.

Follow Alyssa on TikTok @alyssamckayyy and stay tuned for upcoming content about the denim collection!


Garage will host Campus Comeback events which will be in-store parties offering curated shopping experiences to prepare customers for their return to campus! Attendees in top-volume stores will enjoy a limited edition tote bag with purchase and indulge in a personalization station where an embroidery artist will add a unique touch to their tote.


In line with the goal of encouraging self-expression, Garage has developed a cheeky TikTok filter that puts you front and center. This interactive filter generates different spicy news headlines, allowing everyone to embrace the feeling of being front-page news. A link will soon be provided to try out the filter.

Join the movement, unleash your assets, and shop the new collection here!

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