Garage lands in Peabody, Massachussetts!

This past Saturday, excitement was in the air as we opened a brand-new Garage store at Northshore mall in Peabody, Massachusetts! This enclosed haven of style caters to the different tastes of the affluent northern and coastal suburbs of Boston. Garage will be neighbors to other well-known brands such as: Aerie, American Eagle, H&M, Sephora and Pink. Garage sits right at the heart of the action, positioned across from the Victoria's Secret store.

To kick start the festivities, Garage treated its customers to an incredible opening weekend giveaway. By spending $50 or more, customers were gifted a trendy pink trucker cap or a sleek pink water bottle. But that's not all–Garage handed out 100 gift cards, and different assortment of free treats were also served.

A heartfelt shoutout is due to all the teams involved and congratulations to our new team in Northshore.

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